Venice Unica City Pass - how to save in Venice?

Venice's official travel site allows curious travelers to save up to 30% when visiting places of interest, as well as time, since by purchasing a VENEZIA UNICA CITY PASS card in advance, you avoid queues to the most popular museums. The site works in six languages, including Russian.

Before traveling, keep in mind that Venice is Italy's most expensive city. This article will help you save at least 20 euros, precious time and nerves. Thanks are accepted in the comments below.

Consider in detail the features of online shopping and the pros of the Venice Unica City Pass card.

Important! As of June 2019, there are numerous complaints about the purchase of the VENEZIA UNICA online card, therefore We recommend that you refrain from buying and order a similar CITY PASS card at the box office in Russian at The price of 51 euros includes: unlimited travel on vaporetto and buses for 20 euros, all museums on St. Mark's Square for 25 euros, Chorus Pass (entrance to 16 churches) for 12 euros. Total savings are 57-51 = 6 euros. Also, by taking the appropriate option, you can add tickets from the airport to the center of Venice for 27 euros - the ticket operates on the blue, red and orange Alilaguna lines from the airport to the center of Venice / Lido or the cruise terminal and vice versa. Round-trip tickets allow passengers to take a return trip within 30 days from the first use. Recommend.

What features does the card provide?

The City Pass discount card makes it possible to use public transport, book a transfer, and receive priority entrance to museums.

How to buy online

The Venezia Unica map is created individually for each tourist. We go to the shopping section on the official website and create a card. You can plan your trip: transfer from the airport and back, buy tickets for public transport, to museums and churches, as well as choose special package offers. Everything is convenient, without markups, at official prices and on one site.

Among the best offers there are three types of packages, depending on the length of stay and the desire to immerse yourself in culture:

  1. Silver - from 28.90 euros for adults gives you the opportunity to visit free churches and museums without waiting in line.
  2. Gold - from 80 euros, you can visit 4 museums in San Marco, + 9 other museums + 16 churches + unlimited use of a vaporetto for 3 days + access to city Wi-Fi for 24 hours.
  3. Platinum - from 125 euros, even more museums, transportation for 7 days + tours to the islands.

In each package, JUNIOR cards are designed for those who are from 6 to 29 years old, and ADULT for those who are 30 or more.

Let's take a look at the benefits of the Adult City Pass option for 80.90 euros.

Opposite each position, I provided links to the official websites of museums or organizations selling tickets, if you wish, you can repeat my mathematical calculations on my own. So, the price includes:

  1. Public transport ticket = 40 euros, you can use the vaporetto without restrictions for 72 hours!
  2. Doge's Palace, Museo Correr, National Archaeological Museum (Museo Archeologico Nazionale), Monumental Halls of the National Marchian Library = 21 euros.
  3. House Rezzonico (Ca 'Rezzonico) = 10 euros;
  4. Palazzo Mocenigo (Santa Croce, Palazzo Mocenigo) = 8 euros;
  5. House Carlo Goldoni (Casa di Carlo Goldoni) = 5 euros;
  6. Pesaro House, International Gallery of Modern Art and the Museum of Oriental Art (Ca 'Pesaro - Galleria internazionale d'Arte Moderna + Museo d'Arte Orientale) = 10 euros;
  7. Museum of glass (Museo Vetro) = 10 euros;
  8. Museum of lace Museo merletto) on the island of Burano = 5 euros;
  9. Museum of Natural History (Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia) = 8 euros;
  10. Clock Tower (Torre dell'orologio) = pay 7 euros instead of 12, save 5 euros.
  11. Museum of Fortune (Palazzo Fortuny) = pay 8 euros instead of 10, save 2 euros.
  12. Jewish Museum (Museo Ebraico di Venezia) = 8 euros;
  13. Querini Stampalia Foundation (Fondazione Querini Stampalia) = 14 euros.
  14. Chorus association churches, there are only 16 of them, a pass for everything costs 12 euros, and separately for each 3 euros.
Total total cost of tickets when buying separately will be: 40 + 21 + 10 + 8 + 5 + 10 + 10 + 5 + 8 + 8 + 14 + 12 = 151 euros, subtract 81, we get 70 euros savings per person. Even if you don’t visit some 3-4 museums and don’t enter the church, it’s still very profitable and convenient!

If you want to climb the tower or visit the Fortune Museum, you can save an additional 7 euros.

And also on the website you can buy a ticket to any museum separately or order a Museum Pass for 24 euros.

It is very convenient that you can order a transfer from Marco Polo airport, round trip for only 15 euros.

Where to get

Upon arrival in Venice, a card can be obtained at the points of issue right at the airport, at stations, as well as at any ACTV public transport ticket sales machine. Just show your PNR reservation code.

My advice

Buying a Venice pass is obviously a very profitable decision. Tourists coming to Venice for a day or more can save a lot. I recommend the Venezia Unica card to all readers of our site who want to immerse themselves in the culture and history of Venice.

Watch the video: Navigating Venice, Waiting in line, Churches, City passes, Best gelato in Venice (December 2019).


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